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Technology Sites

OSTG's network of technical sites delivers up-to-the minute technology news and information about best-of-breed practices, business challenges and solutions, and robust community forums for peer discussions, product reviews, and debate. They also provide a range of tools, collaborative development environments, and Open Source software to millions of developers and systems administrators worldwide.

News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters.

The largest community-driven technology site on the Web, is a technologist's key source for what's going on in the info-tech world – cultural, technical, political, and business-related. The top site for the technically-inclined cutting-edge crowd, Slashdot delivers 86 million page views per month to 4.3 million unique visitors. Slashdot breaks news and makes brands: products or sites mentioned on Slashdot frequently experience skyrocketing traffic to their sites – a phenomenon known in media circles as the "Slashdot Effect." Slashdot ranks Number One among all sites measured by Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan service for visitors who go online for technology news.

The Business of Linux

A concentrated audience of IT professionals turns to for the 360º view of Linux and Open Source to help them understand and gauge the implications of adopting Linux in their organizations, as well as current trends around Open Source. From bleeding-edge technical discussions to migration and TCO information, supports the strategic business efforts of IT professionals in any size

The Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source surfaces all relevant news coverage and information about Linux and Open Source published on the Web, plus provides breaking news updates and unique feature articles. Busy IT executives rely on NewsForge to provide them with the headlines and news about how Open Source can affect the bottom line.



Tracking the Evolution of IT covers the management issues – including ROI, HR, finance – that come from a changing technology landscape. ITManager'sJournal serves IT executives and managers who must know not only what is going on in IT today, but must detect and prepare for future trends in order to meet corporate goals.

Where Open Source Development Happens

More Open Source developers collaborate on more projects at than anywhere in the world. Robust online services facilitate real time software collaboration and distribution across virtual teams. Specialized communities, called Foundries, enhance peer-level participation around specific technologies. Currently hosting nearly 93,600 projects with more than 989,000 registered users, ranks number one among all sites measured by Nielsen//NetRatings @plan for visitors who purchase development tools for work.*

The Essential Download Site

A comprehensive, uniquely rich software repository and searchable archive for end users, hosts an immensely flexible database of the Web's largest index of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and handheld software with related discussions and version announcements. provides searching and filtering capabilities for the more than 304,000 registered users who come to the site looking for specific tools and applications.