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Leverage an exploding technology market, a thriving audience of influencer buyers, and the only network of its kind.

Open Source Has Gone Mainstream

The adoption of Open Source as a credible and viable IT business solution has taken on a life of its own. No longer is Open Source the purview of early adopters shunning the limitations of proprietary software and platforms—it's one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology market. Market leaders like IBM, Sun, Intel, Oracle and even Microsoft actively engage in the creation and deployment of collaborative technologies.

More than 60% of large enterprises surveyed by Forrester Research have adopted Linux and Open Source applications in their organizations. 52% of those are using Linux to run mission critical applications.

OSTG is Where Technology is Going

OSTG's audience is a voracious community of knowledge seekers – they rely on OSTG as their primary source for timely information supporting critical strategic and purchasing decisions. This audience is dialed-in to the latest news and technology solutions, and they don't waste their time on fluff. This is an audience of thinkers looking for solid information they can't get anywhere else:

  • News and commentary - daily, even hourly, news updates on rapidly changing and evolving tech trends, all in one place
  • Unique editorial -OSTG sheds light on what's really important in business IT and Open Source with in-depth articles about IT business solutions
  • Community forums - no other network has such vast IT and development communities or the vehicles to actively drive open discourse, debate, peer-to-peer product review, support, and collaboration. This is where the true meaning of Open Source – sharing ideas dedicated to solving problems – all comes together.

Target Your Campaign on Focused IT and Development Sites

OSTG sites reach millions of IT and development professionals who are seeking news, solutions, discussion or in-depth content. Advertising and marketing on these sites target a specific market segment; learn more about our IT-focused and development- and software-focused sites.

IT-Focused Sites

development-focused sites

OSTG Delivers Buyers

OSTG's audience has the buying power that will deliver the results you want for your marketing initiatives. 84% are involved in purchasing IT products and services for their organizations, and 96% have purchasing responsibility for at least their department.

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