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Executive Editors Slashdot NewsForge

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

Editor in Chief

Robin was one of the first journalists to start covering the Linux beat and may have written more news articles about Linux and Open Source software than anyone else in the world. He is the author of The Online Rules of Successful Companies (Prentice Hall 2002) and Point and Click Linux (Prentice Hall, scheduled publication date November 2004), and a co-author of Unix Unleashed, 4th Edition (Sams 2001). His byline has appeared in The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, and more than 1,200 other newspapers and magazines. Robin created the widely copied Slashdot "reader-generated interview" format, NewsForge.com, and ITManagersJournal.com He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Internet Press Guild, and Online News Association.


Lee Schlesinger

Executive Editor

Before joining OSTG, Lee served as senior technology editor for ZDNet's Tech Update pages and executive editor for ZDNet's Business & Technology pages. Lee wrote weekly columns for Tech Update, BizTech, ZDNet News Commentary, and Anchordesk.com. Prior to his years at ZDNet, Lee served as one of the founding editors of IDG's ITworld.com, and for more than five years he was technology editor and test center director at Network World, where he wrote frequent reviews and created the popular "Cool Tools" column.


Rob Malda

Creator/Director, Slashdot

Rob Malda not only created Slashdot, he created the code that powers it. Now a robust content management system with one of the most successful group moderation systems online, Slashcode grew out of a need to handle the expanding needs of the Slashdot site.

Malda has been hailed throughout the industry as a visionary and a technology influencer. Ranked for several years as one of AdWeek's Top 10 Media Influencers on the Web, he has also been recognized as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Innovators, and as a CNET Newsmaker. Malda has spoken at numerous industry leading conferences and events such as including LinuxWorld and MIT. Malda holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Hope College.


Patrick Lenz

freshmeat.net Creator/ Managing Editor

Patrick Lenz founded freshmeat.net in 1997 and has been managing it ever since as a site manager and head programmer. His working experiences include the CTO position for a German storage systems vendor. Lenz is 26 years old, married, and is based in


Dean Henrichsmeyer

Linux.com Editorial Director

Dean was a member of the team that originally developed and launched Linux.com. Now he's presiding over its renaissance. He has been an active member of the Linux community since 1995, has served as technical editor for several Linux reference books, and has spoken at a number of Linux-oriented technical conferences.


Cliff Wood

Slashdot Editor/Linux.com Columnist

Cliff's first brush with computers was a Commodore Vic-20, and his first home computer was a Texas-Instruments TI99-4/A (Parsec, baby!). Cliff hadn't decided to follow the digital crossroads until 1987, when he got his first IBM PC compatible. After a few brief forays into writing BBS software for his high school friends, he moved on to college where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, after which he moved back to computer programming and later became world-famous because of the "Ask Slashdot" feature he founded and still runs on (where else?) Slashdot.


Jonathan "CowboyNeal" Pater

Slashdot Editor

Jon used his first computer, a Commodore PET, at age five. By age seven, he was already his school's unofficial helpdesk. He first stumbled upon the Internet at a time when the Web was still in its infancy, and graduated from college with a degree in computer science five years later. Soon after that he came to work for Slashdot as a programmer and systems administrator. Today, in addition to these titles, he's also a story editor — and a frequent Slashdot poll option.


Timothy Lord

Slashdot Editor

Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, has a background in advertising, currently lives in Seattle, and is especially interested in the application of Open Source (and Free) software to the public sphere. He's always interested in showing off cool Free software to your school, Lions Club, chamber of commerce, or boss.


Joe Barr

NewsForge/Linux.com Editor and Columnist

Joe has been a part of the Linux community since 1995. He began writing about Linux in 1998, when he joined LinuxWorld.com as a regular columnist. In 2001, he won the ASBPE Silver Medal for Best Web Commentary with a story called "Dumbing Down Linux." His work has also appeared in phrack, IBM Personal Systems Magazine, LinuxJournal.com, LinuxGazette.com, the Manchester Guardian (UK), the New Jersey Star-Ledger, and SecurityFocus.com.


Jem Matzan

NewsForge/ Linux.com

Jem is the author of three fiction books and more than 100 articles and reviews related to the field of Information Technology.

David "cdlu" Graham

NewsVac Editor

David goes by the online alias "cdlu," meaning "confused debian
linux user." He is an avid Linux user and is a co-founder of the Open and Free Technology Community IRC network (irc.oftc.net). He has worked on NewsForge since 2000.

Mary E. Tyler

NewsForge Contributing Editor

Mary is a computer science graduate and published fiction writer who combines her two skills to produce extraordinarily readable articles about IT development.

Tina Gasperson

NewsForge Contributing Editor

Jay Lyman

NewsForge Contributing Editor

Jay brings a decade of straight news reporting to the technology world. He covers the business, hardware and software of today's industry, with a special emphasis on the "crossroads" where social issues and technology meet.


Over 100 other freelance journalists, computer scientists, Open Source and Free Software luminaries (including Richard M. Stallman and Eric S. Raymond), and IT industry mavens from around the globe contribute articles to OSTG Web sites.