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OSDN (Open Source Development Network, Inc.) is the most dynamic community-driven media network on the Web. OSDN publishes two world-renowned networks of Web sites: the OSDN technology network, and the MediaBuilder network. OSDN delivers more than 222 million page views and reaches 12 million unique visitors per month*.

OSDN technical sites attract all levels of IT decision maker and technical buyer, from C-level to project managers. Technologists, enterprise architects, developers and system administrators all turn to OSDN to create, debate, and make or break IT news, and learn about the latest tools, technologies and techniques. OSDN sites include, the award-winning news discussion site; and, the world's largest collaborative open source software development site. OSDN also owns, the leading e-commerce site featuring innovative products "for smart masses".

The MediaBuilder network reaches Web and print designers and consumers seeking original animations, presentation tools, design tools, online greetings, and other media enabling them to express themselves with powerful communications. Visitors download and share images from Animation Factory and other MediaBuilder sites to share via their cellular phones, PDAs and e-mail applications all over the world.

OSDN is the No. 1 network for delivering people who look for technology news online, and the No. 1 network for delivering visitors who have shopped for or purchased software online in the past 6 months, based on composition**. / Devchannel / freshmeat / Geocrawler / IT Manager's Journal / / NewsForge / Slashdot / SourceForge / MediaBuilder / ThinkGeek / Animation Factory

OSDN is a wholly owned subsidiary of VA Software Corporation.

* Publisher’s own data; average monthly traffic for three-month period ending 12/31/03
** Source: Nielsen/NetRatings' Fall 2003 @Plan

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